Amira Group to launch organic range and snacks in EMEA region

February 27, 2014 4:42 pm

Amira Nature Foods Ltd, a leading global provider of packaged Indian specialty rice, shared the company’s plans to enter the organic and organic ready to eat food market. Amira has launched premium snacks in the India market. The product expansion into organic, snacks and ready to eat food has transformed Amira into a Global Food Brand with presence in 27 countries, and with an overall footprint in 40 countries.

With its significant presence in packaged premium basmati and specialty rice in the Middle East, Amira now plans to introduce organic food and snacks in the UAE market in the near future. The company which is headquartered in Dubai and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange has set up its own organic business in India.

Speaking on the occasion, Karan A. Chanana, Amira Group’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer also outlined the company’s aggressive plans to expand into the African market in addition to the increased focus on gaining larger market share across the EMEA region.
According to Karan A. Chanana, “The Middle East market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for natural and organic products because of increased awareness of the health benefits of going organic. Our range of organic products are all about quality and trust. Since we own the farms we ensure quality from the time the seeds are planted to the time it is on the shelves and each food product can be traced back to the farm and the farmer who cultivated it.”

A total of 3,660 farmers are associated with Amira cultivating organic food in more than 7,000 hectares of land. Starting with a large portfolio of 85 SKU’s which include dry specialty and basmati rice, specialty ingredients and primary focus on ready meals and ready to cook meals will be sold in stores across the region.

In addition to the organic range push, Amira will soon launch its range of premium snacks in the region.

Today, the Amira brand is one of the best known names in Basmati Rice, not only in the UAE and the Indian Sub-Continent but also in the entire Middle East, United States of America, Europe, and South Asia. The company plans to expand Amira’s foot print to over 70 countries by 2017 from 40 countries currently. For Amira branded products, the target is to reach 50 countries from 27 countries today.

Mr. Chanana also spoke about the recent acquisition of German company Basmati Rice GmbH . A specialty distributer of premium branded rice, particularly Basmati rice in Germany, Basmati Rice GmbH has a rich 25 year history of serving some of the largest supermarkets in Germany and more recently in neighboring countries across Europe. Amira will use this acquisition to broaden the base of the company’s product portfolio across the European market and will bring the specialty SMOKED RICE product made in Germany to the Middle East.