Automated linkage between Commercial Bank and Ministry of Social Affairs goes live

May 4, 2014 11:28 am

Within the Bank’s plans targeting technical integration with government agencies, the automated linkage scheme has been implemented with the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor where salary payment statements related to laborers of private sector institutions & companies will be deposited without any need to get letters issued from the Bank and directed to MSAL as was the case in the past.

This step comes to underscore the Bank’s role in facilitating the procedures of the customers and to attain their convenience in terms of their relation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

The employer will accordingly prepare the payroll via the Bank website whether for the account of beneficiaries at the Bank or at other local banks, thus the real time processing of salaries payment will be accomplished by either methods, namely to get salaries credited via the same website or through the Bank branches network.

All files of salaries credited are automatically placed within the new automated system of MSAL without directing a letter from the Bank to MSAL.

Furthermore, and through the Bank’s website, the employer can take advantage of the available services that help him manage employees’ salaries e.g. applying for opening and closing labor account, applying for ATM card, retrieving previous salaries files, manual posting of salaries records or uploading salaries records through the files generated from the automated systems of companies and institutions along with handling MSAL file numbers in addition to other services.

This achievement was the culmination of the concerted efforts and cooperation between the Bank and MSAL to overcome any problems and upgrade the level of services delivered by the Bank and MSAL to customers and visitors.

The Call Center 1888225 shall be ready to provide further clarification and information about the above service.


Nahida Aref
Advertising & Public Relations Department
Commercial Bank of Kuwait
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+965 22990506