Automotive industry leaders A-MAP welcomes more pedestrian-friendly Abu Dhabi

May 19, 2014 11:36 am

Industry leaders A-MAP have welcomed recent guidelines launched by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) in the Utility Corridors Design Manual (UCDM) in April, regarding building Abu Dhabi towards a more pedestrian friendly infrastructure.

“The new streets will be designed around people instead of around cars,” said Abrahim Al Hmoudi, transport planning manager with the UPC.

The changes made will result in wider pavements and allow for a wider space in front of businesses, thus giving pedestrians right of way and reducing risk significantly as pavement width increases from two to three metres wide in high-density and high-traffic areas.

“We’re always pleased to see the constant improvement taking place in Abu Dhabi. It is very reassuring seeing that pedestrians safety is not only our major concern, but is shared by the Abu Dhabi authorities, and will improve walkability around the city,” stated Asad Badami, Managing Director of A-MAP, which specializes in the distribution of aftermarket automotive spare parts, automotive batteries, tyres, and lubricants.

The newly improved guidelines will be applied to both old and new streets around the Emirate. Projects such as Al Shawamekh, Al Shamkha, parts of Baniyas, Sector Z35 in Mohammed bin Zayed City, North Wathba Master Plan, Sila’a, Delma and Ghayathi in Al Gharbia will undergo these new strategies, whereas older streets will be retrofitted accordingly and in compliance over the coming period of 20 years.

A-MAP has a long standing history of offering the highest quality automotive products, including tyres and brake pads, to ensure the UAE’s drivers and pedestrians are safe.

A-MAP’s European engineered FENIX branded tyres have been produced to the strictest European standards, and have been certified for the UAE. With the UAE’s climate one of the detrimental factors affecting tyre performance, FENIX tyres have a very well designed tread pattern and have been engineered using cutting edge technology to withstand the heat. ASIMCO brake pads, also distributed by A-MAP, have a highly recognized reputation for good quality and excellence.

Headquartered in the ‘bustling trading hub’ of Dubai, UAE, A-MAP operates a network of branch offices in Asia, Africa, and North America.