Ba9ma launches ‘Together We Stand’ campaign in collaboration with Shell Oman

April 2, 2014 4:14 pm

Ba9ma charity group (pronounced Basma; Arabic for fingerprint) in collaboration with Shell Oman Marketing Company have announced the launch of ‘Together We Stand’, an awareness campaign aimed towards engaging the community with those with special needs within three streams of disabilities; physical, hearing and visual.

The campaign will be launched on 5th of April 2014 at Muscat Grand Mall and will be open for public.The unique idea behind the campaign is to draw more awareness and have an up-close and personal engagement between all members of the society to learn and stand with those who have special needs.

Aala M.J Al Lawatia, co- founder of Ba9ma, explained: “There are so many people in our society who support good causes, however most of these initiatives are constrained to providing by financial aid through charity groups. This creates a gap between two segments in the society, and we are here to bridge this gap and show our support as one.”

She added: “There is a misconception that those with special needs are constantly in need of care; unable to give back and mostly looked upon with sympathy. What they actually need is not sympathy but rather for someone to understand them better and remove any obstacles that stand in their way to support in contributing to the development our community equally. Together we stand is an attempt to bring us all together and help understand these obstacles.”

The campaign is being sponsored and funded by Shell Oman as part of their CSR program. Mohammed Al Farsi; General Manager, External Affairs and Business Development at Shell Oman emphasizes on the importance of such initiatives: “At Shell Oman we always look for innovative ways to help increase awareness in enhancing the welfare of our community. This campaign will help us interact with those with special needs, better engage with them and stand together towards developing our society.”

The event will open its doors to public on the 5th of April 2014 from 11 am to 10 pm at Muscat Grand Mall and include activities such as Kids fun zone, talent show visuals and several other activities by which the public will experience some of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities. The campaign has been launched on the group’s social media pages such on facebook, twitter and Instagram to help attract the public to attend the launch event in Muscat Grand Mall with a hope to see families and children participate with such special and unique members of the society, experience their lives for a day, learn about their talented gifts and help us work towards a common goal as we stand together for a life with no boundaries.

For further information, please contact:
Muna Al Lawati
Ba9ma Charity Group
+968 95122494