Bank Nizwa announces its inaugural ‘Islamic Banking Knowledge Forum’

April 30, 2014 2:05 pm

Bank Nizwa has announced that its inaugural ‘Islamic Banking Knowledge Forum’ will take place on May 1st. Key thinkers and strategists from many of the Sultanates public and private sector businesses and corporations will convene at the Shangri La Barr al Jissah where they will participate in a discussion on the integral part Islamic finance and banking plays in the country’s economic past and its future growth.

The forum will feature some of the most influential and learned specialists in the area of Islamic Finance who will conduct interactive sessions with participants on Islamic banking and its role in business in Oman. They will discuss the impact of Islamic finance on Oman’s economy, address the challenges it faces and work out solutions to these challenges.

Featured speakers include; Dr. Sayd Farook (Global Head Islamic Capital Markets Middle East and Africa Thomson Reuters) as moderator, Dr. Khalid Al Fakih (Secretary General of AAOIFI), Mr.Najmul Hassan (Director Remedial Asset Management unit of Islamic Corporate for the Development of the private Sector ICD) and Dr. Jamil El Jaroudi (CEO, Bank Nizwa).

Speaking about the forum Dr. Jamil El Jaroudi said, “Bank Nizwa is made up of a team of people who are passionate about Islamic Finance and its place in our Omani society. Now, into our second year of operations we can see how important Islamic banking is becoming in the oldest independent state in the Arab world. Our mission is to make Islamic banking more visible, to engage with people and empower them with the knowledge and understanding of Islamic finance so that they can understand the tremendous benefits it brings.”

The forum is a needed event now as Islamic finance has rooted itself in the economic success of Oman and every person across every community can now access an expanding range of financial products and services which comply with Shari’a law.

Bank Nizwa believes that public awareness is the key to the increasing market share for Islamic banking and the creation of a favorable environment for it amongst businesses. The bank plans to host a similar forum on a yearly basis to help develop the industry, to inform the public about Islamic banking services and tools and to attract individual investors by supporting them in a Shari’a compliant manner.