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Bank Nizwa holds Islamic finance workshop for teachers

March 12, 2014 12:51 pm

More than 50 school teachers and educators from various public schools across Muscat recently participated in a workshop to enable them to engage on Islamic finance. The two day programme was hosted by Oman’s first Islamic bank, Bank Nizwa, and was designed in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. Its principle objective was to equip participants with knowledge of Islamic Banking principles and Shari’a compliant financing modes which may be integrated into the education system at school level.

Speaking about the workshops, Dr. Jamil El Jaroudi, Bank Nizwa, CEO, said, ‘Oman’s educators do outstanding work in educating young people in the community. Education is the key to a successful future and an educated youth is what will make Oman a strong contender in the worlds markets. Islamic finance has a very vital role to play in the development of our young people and we are proud to be the bank that is working to equip our teachers with the tools to shape our future, the youth of Oman. We feel that we are doing something to contribute to the academic prosperity of our nation.’

Bank Nizwa, as the leader in Islamic finance, is committed to sponsoring education focused events and empowering teachers and students with knowledge to enable them to become leaders in the area of Islamic finance. The workshops combined theory and practical knowledge on financial policy and Islam through a variety of informative presentations and case studies. Topics included; definition of Islamic banks and their objectives and the regulations pertaining to Islamic finance transactions.

The workshops were led by esteemed scholar Dr. Anwar Soubra, Head of the Shari’a Compliance Department at Bank Nizwa.

Dr. Soubra said, ‘Workshops such as this help in our aim to develop the knowledge of Shari’a and its place in Islamic finance. At Bank Nizwa we invest in such programmes to help teachers inspire and engage the future leaders which Oman needs to continue being a progressive developed country.’

Through this programme of workshops, teachers and educators discussed possible tools to educate Oman’s next generation on how to plan for the future, establish a savings discipline and manage their financial lives in the Sultanate. Bank Nizwa will continue to offer such events to enable as many people as possible across diverse communities to gain an in-depth understanding of Islamic finance and banking.