Bank Sohar CEO addresses 9th CBFS Human Resource Forum

April 6, 2014 9:26 am

As one of the market leaders within the local Banking Industry, Bank Sohar CEO, Dr. Mohamed bin Abdulaziz Kalmoor was invited as the key speaker at The College of Banking and Financial Studies’ (CBFS) 9th Human Resource Forum at Crown Plaza Muscat, where he shared his insights into techniques and industry best practices on employee development, and importance of sound HR management practices for operational success.

The venue also highlighted the college’s achievements in HR development over the past year and was attended by senior management of Bank Sohar and many other HR and Training Heads drawn from across the Banking and Financial sector. Mr.Ali bin Hamdan Al Raisi, Chairman of CBFS, Dr. Ahmed Al Ghassani, Dean of CBFS, together with the members of the senior management of the College were also present at the event.

During the seminar, Dr. Mohamed Abdulaziz Kalmoor addressed the Forum on the topic, ‘HR as a Central Force in the Success of an Organisation’, emphasizing that it is important for organizations to recognize that while equipment and procedures can be replicated, human capital is the only area through which they can really differentiate themselves.

He stated, “The HR function has to be handled with maturity and integrity. This requires the effective management of certain key challenges – Changing mind-sets, transitioning from easy to difficult, working harder and smarter, creating an environment of creativity and teamwork, and encouraging personal growth.”

Underlining the need to encourage people to bring passion and creativity to their work, he stressed on the importance of always encouraging feedback without reservations. Doing so ensures that the work place remains as fun and community-oriented as possible. He also encouraged the forum to instil a sense of “tasks” and “goals” as opposed to “work”, which establishes a sense of sharing within the workforce. Furthermore, focused extracurricular activities such as joint community work and special events such as organizing family days helps improve bonding and trust between employees.

Dr. Kalmoor also emphasized on the importance of metrics driven performance appraisal and other industry best practices in relation to employee performance management, noting, “It is important for employees to realize that appraisal is only a tool, not an objective in itself. The job of any organisation’s HR department is to correctly channel individual aspirations towards organizational goals. People are always willing to change or go the extra mile, if they are convinced it is worth doing so.”

In addition to using industry best practices with regards to HR management, Bank Sohar is also a strong advocate of developing and hiring local talent and has maintained over 90% Omanisation. Bank Sohar also prepares and educates the Omani youth and has a dedicated Learning Centre in Qurum. The HR Department along with its Learning Centre have introduced numerous staff recognition and training programs in order to enhance and prepare current and new joiners for work in the Bank. Additionally, an innovative executive Development Policy was also developed to ensure that potential senior managers and their successors are sufficiently exposed to diverse international leadership best practices through their attendance at international executive development schools. This was done to enable them to take key executive positions within the bank in coming years. For its successful efforts, the Bank has continually received several prestigious awards on a local, regional and global level.