Bank Sohar shapes future talent

February 13, 2014 11:11 am

In association with globally renowned Quality Management Development partners – Louis Allen International – India, Bank Sohar organised a coaching and mentoring workshop for 56 staff members, including Senior Managers, Branch Managers and Branch Supervisors.

As part of its ongoing efforts to evolve to higher levels of commitment and continuity of service throughout the organization, at present and in the future, the Learning & Development Management Team of Bank Sohar organised the workshop to instill in tomorrow’s banking leaders, the desired qualities for management and leadership skills. Throughout the course of the intensive workshop, a heavy emphasis was placed on cultivating the Bank Sohar ethos of outstanding customer service throughout all levels of the organisation.

Bank Sohar’s DGM – HR & Corporate Support, Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki highlighted the necessity of continuous training and knowledge sharing in the Sultanate’s competitive business environment. She noted, “In today’s fast-paced world, new ideas and technologies constantly redefine the way business is being done. However, we understand that it takes more than just technology to create meaningful engagement within our team and with our customers. Hence, at Bank Sohar we believe in continuously investing in people and training them to evolve into a truly networked and developing organisation.”

She also mentioned, “This two-day coaching and mentorship module had customized content, tailored for middle to top level staff – training them intensively to take on responsibilities at higher levels in the organization.”
The in-class workshop was aimed towards developing people and leadership skills, for various levels of management, allowing them to take on new responsibilities at higher levels in the organisation.

In addition, the Bank is seeking to put in place a Coaching and Mentoring programme, which will lead to greater levels of knowledge sharing from the senior leadership of the bank throughout all levels of the organisation. The mutual sharing of experience and learning’s, whether at an executive level or for overall staff, is crucial to employee development, and Bank Sohar will be making these programmes a regular feature for its staff.

Bank Sohar, one of the leading banks in Oman, strongly believes that investment in training and development are the keys to operational excellence and the overall success of the bank.