Bank Sohar sponsors Sayyid Abbas Golf Trophy 2013

December 29, 2013 12:25 pm

Bank Sohar, in line with its commitment towards actively promoting competitive sports in the country, has once again sponsored Sayyid Abbas Golf Trophy for 2013. The sponsorship marks the fourth consecutive year that Bank Sohar has sponsored the popular tournament which is held at the Ghala Valley Golf Club every winter.

The Sayyid Abbas Trophy is a two-day winter tournament which follows a 36-stroke-hole competition format. It is the longest running championship at Ghala Valley Golf Club and has generated immense interest from members and golf enthusiasts alike. Representing Bank Sohar at the event was Mr. Musatafa Ali Mukhtar, the Senior AGM and Head of LCB.

Dr. Mohammed Abdulaziz Kalmoor, CEO of Bank Sohar said, “Partnering with the Ghala Valley Golf Club and the Sayyid Abbas Golf Trophy is not just a powerful way to deepen community relationships; it is also a great way to raise the profile of Golf in Oman. Golf has been attracting men and women of all ages in the country and competitions such as the Sayyid Abbas Trophy certainly provide a good opportunity for players to improve their skills at the game.” He added, “The Sayyid Abbas Golf Trophy is also one of the oldest and most respected golf tournaments in Oman and often sees attendance from players across the globe. Its winners are truly honored within the golfing circles in the country.”

Ghala Valley Golf Club has played a pioneering role in the development of golf in Oman since its formation in 1970, and currently boasts over 200 members with 80 to 100 actively playing every weekend. The club has been organizing the Sayyid Abbas Trophy every year since it was first held in 1979. Conducted on December 20 and 21, the 2013 tournament marked yet another successful event for the illustrious golf club, with the participation of over 120 golfers.

“With the aim to enhance and encourage sporting culture within the Sultanate and as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, Bank Sohar has always been at the forefront of supporting such sports events and tournaments and will continue to do so in the years to come,” added Dr. Mohammed Abdulaziz Kalmoor.

Designed by renowned British golfing legend, Bill Longmuir, Ghala Valley GC is fashioned in a manner to challenge the world’s best players and provide a training ground for the average golfer. The valley course is located at the foot of the Hajar Mountain range between Al Ansab and Bausher and is readily accessible to all who are eager to learn and enjoy the game of golf.

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