Bank Sohar’s Al Mumayaz Saving Scheme Weekly Draw conducted at Qurum Branch

March 26, 2014 1:08 pm

With Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme 2014 in full swing, Bank Sohar has now completed its fourth weekly draw of OMR 5,000 under the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme on 20 March. The draw was conducted at the Bank’s Qurum Branch and witnessed Kashiful Huda and Falak Naz (Joint Account) from Azaiba Branch win OMR 5,000. The event will be progressed during the year to promote the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme in each of the bank’s 25 branch locations.

The weekly draw held at our prestigious Qurum branch was presided by Al Shaikh. Saif Hilal Ali Al Mamari, the Vice-President of the University of the Arab Countries at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Senior Retail functionaries present from the Bank’s side were Mr. R Narasimhan, DGM and Head of Retail Banking, and Mr. Salim Khamis Al Maskary, Sr. AGM of Branches, together with Mr. Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, AGM and Head of Marketing and publicity, and Mr. Moosa Al Ajmi, Qurum Branch Head, welcomed the Chief Guest of Honour as well as the VIP customers of the Branch.

The event was inaugurated with a welcome speech by Mr. Redha Al Lawatia, Head of Retail liabilities at Bank Sohar providing an overview of the 2014 Savings Scheme. The Chief Guest, Al Shaikh. Saif Hilal Ali Al Mamari, then conducted the draw to announce the winner of the forth weekly draw.

On this occasion, Mr. R Narasimhan commented, “We at Bank Sohar are on a constant drive to find better ways in which to instil the savings habit in our customers. The new Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme is the culmination of our efforts for the current year. By capitalising on the tremendous popularity garnered by the scheme last year, we have tailored it to provide even better incentives to save by offering more prizes more frequently.”

In addition to the new Weekly OMR 5,000 draws, the Hourly OMR 1,000 draws make our scheme very unique; these are awarded every hour, five times a day from Sunday to Wednesday. Also introduced as part of the new scheme are the Monthly draws, which will witness a prize pool of OMR 50,000 where one winner will receive OMR 45,000, while five children will win OMR 1,000 each.

Furthermore, the Bank is also proud to announce Half-yearly prize draws worth more than a quarter of a Million Rials, with two lucky savers winning OMR 100,000 each, one exclusive winner receiving OMR 50,000 and one lucky minor receiving OMR 5,000. Meanwhile, the year-end Prize Draws now boasts a prize pool of over half a Million Rials, with one lucky saver winning OMR 500,000, one exclusive winner receiving OMR 50,000 and one lucky minor receiving OMR 5,000.

The Bank also has an extensive network of ATM’s totalling 50 machines across the Sultanate, with 29 in the branches and 21 ATMs located off-site. In addition, Bank Sohar customers continue to enjoy the privilege of free-of-charge access to over 650 ATMs under the ‘OmanNet’ platform. Bank’s ATMs at Buraimi and Wajajah borders continue to operate with the ‘Dirhams Dispensing’ facility; thus adding immense convenience to businessmen who travel and transact business across the border on a regular basis, as well as to customers who visit the United Arab Emirates. The bank’s customers also enjoy the advantage of a Cash Deposit facility at all branch ATMs as another value-added service.