Bank Sohar’s savings scheme tip for month of May

May 6, 2014 3:27 pm

One of the most important factors in running any business is managing overheads while maintaining steady profits.

Considering the prolific use of communication devices such as landline, mobile phones, fax machines and many others traditional methods, keeping bills under control is by far one of the easiest ways in which to regulate costs. In fact, by diverting communications through email or other digital channels can save as much as 25% of a businesses’ overall phone bill.

Following the success of last year’s Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme campaign, Bank Sohar launched its new edition of the savings scheme for the year 2014. In addition to the revamped scheme which includes a larger number of prizes, chances and winners, the Bank is sharing saving tips each month on various aspects of life to help customers to save more and spend wisely. The focus of this month’s tip is on how you can save up to 25% of your businesses’ overall phone bill, or maybe even your own, by diverting communications through digital channels.

Further, elaborating on this tip, Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki, DGM Human Resource & Corporate Support-Bank Sohar advised “Organizations today operate through adopting the right business packages which are created especially for their business use. By diverting communications through internal digital network with emails or messaging, businesses can save a considerable amount of money. In addition, digital communication via emails and online messaging services and apps enable a business to keep better track of all communications, thanks to its inherent facility of an automatic backup of all communication data.”

In addition there are other alternatives in which these savings can be further augmented. By switching all mobile devices to use the company’s WIFI network, businesses can save on their employee’s data usage by utilising a service that is already paid for. Furthermore, this allows for a more cost effective mobile payment plan due to the reduced usage, which in turn will further enhance the already considerable savings. Savings made from these and other initiatives can then be re-invested into the business in order to further expand with less overhead costs.

“Better still, these tips can even be used in your personal lives. By purchasing a readily available unlimited home broadband plan from your ISP and subsequently routing a majority of your communications through your home network, you can expect similar savings on your personal phone bill as well. Furthermore, popular third party messaging apps and services offer similar savings opportunities. We at Bank Sohar are committed towards the improved livelihood of the community and will continue to offer more tips on savings and financial management as part of our Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme 2014 campaign,” Ms. Munira Macki added.