BBAC gives its support to Al-Jabal Marathon for the fourth year in a row

May 8, 2014 9:13 am

BBAC has been the principal supporter of the Al-Jabal Marathon since it was set up in 2010, and this year, in the event’s fourth year, BBAC again took up this role. It did so out of its belief in the importance of activities that bring together Lebanese people from all different backgrounds.

Under the slogan of “Let’s run for the Lebanese Army,” the marathon set off from Kafr Nabrakh in Mount Lebanon, with the participation of around 8000 students, athletes and runners. The finishing line was at Deir al-Qamar square, where prizes, medals and cups were handed out in the presence of key political, religious and social figures, municipality leaders, heads of the schools and universities involved, and, of course, BBAC employees and managers, who were keen to take part in the event.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Tarek Bilal, the Head of BBAC Marketing Department, said: “BBAC prides itself in taking part in events such as the Al- Jabal Marathon which help move the country forward. We came together from all different areas of the country to run collectively for the Lebanese Army, and tostrengthen our unity in the region and in the country. At BBAC, we are continually trying to unify our efforts for the good of society, whenever the opportunity presents itself. This stems from our slogan: Your Caring Bank.”