Burgan Bank named “Best Domestic Retail Bank of the Year” by the Asian Banking & Finance Magazine for the second consecutive year

July 19, 2014 11:50 am

Burgan Bank announced today that it has won the coveted “Best Domestic Retail Bank of the Year” award from the Asian Banking and Finance Magazine, one of the world’s most distinguished publications that reports on an extensive range of financial news across different practices.

The bank’s success was announced recently at the Asian Banking and Finance Awards 2014 in Singapore, where judges from global institutions have identified banking products, activities, technologies, services as well as strategies that continue to enhance the overall banking and finance sector.

Mr. Venkat Menon, Burgan Bank’s Chief Retail Banking Officer said: “We are very honored to have been selected by Asian Banking & Finance Magazine to receive this award once again. This great achievement benchmarks our long term commitment and success in delivering to our customers the range and standards of product and services they are looking for. On behalf of Burgan Bank, I would like to extend my thankfulness to the panel of judges at Asian Banking & Finance Magazine, who selected us for the second consecutive year as the best domestic retail bank of the year in Kuwait. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to all Retail Banking staff, which constantly exerts maximum effort to achieve similar accolades once again.”

Burgan Bank continues to execute its strategic plan and adopt best practices that are in line with its overall growth objective on different fronts. The new award follows an extensive list of recognitions that the bank continues to receive, which highlights its growth story and progress of its local, regional and international operations. Moreover, Burgan Bank has one of the largest regional branch networks with more than 231 branches across Kuwait, Turkey, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine.