Citibank Kuwait holds Bourse Game seminar for the 6th time

May 19, 2014 11:09 am

With the aim of training local treasure, finance and investment officers from corporate and government entities in Kuwait, Citibank Kuwait held its globally acclaimed Bourse Game seminar, an intensive introduction to Money Markets and Foreign Exchange which utilizes practical learning techniques and promotes a stimulating learning environment.

Held for the sixth time by Citibank Kuwait, the 5-day seminar covered main money market and foreign exchange topics including structure of rates, FX swaps and interbank dealing, while trainees spent hours on a simulated trading floor learning the finer points of foreign exchange trading.

This year’s 24 participants bring the total number of trainees who took part in the seminar to around 200 Kuwaitis from more than 50 major corporations and financial institutions.

This year’s seminar was conducted by Mr. Fatah Adour, Citi Kuwait Treasurer, and Theodore Leventis, better known globally as the “Bourse Master” who’s been running the Bourse Games for both Citi staff and customers for the last 35 years in over 70 countries around the world. Also Talal Almousa, Deputy Treasurer at Citibank Kuwait, has been throughout the week providing a valuable practical help to the participants to achieve the best outcome out of this workshop.

“The Bourse Game is part of Citi’s mission to answer to clients’ needs. It reflects our commitment to train locals and teach them the hands-on experience to develop a more insightful understanding of investment opportunity as well as risk, and how markets work on a global scale”, commented Ozgur Kutay, General Manager and CEO of Citibank Kuwait.

The trading floor was abuzz with activity and excitement as teams representing fictitious banks placing foreign exchange rates bids and taking orders at brisk pace, “traders” and groups of people in serious discussion over hedging and investment strategies. Seminar ended with a competition for best ‘customers and trading bank’ and attendees received seminar certification.

“The response we have received has made this seminar a must in our annual schedule of focused training efforts which are in line with Citi’s long-term strategy and commitment to developing local professional talent”, added Fatah Adour, Citibank Kuwait Treasurer.

Citi has been in the Arab World for nearly 50 years and views the region as critical to its global franchise. It currently offers full scale corporate banking services across eleven Arab countries including Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Bahrain, Qatar Iraq and Kuwait.

Since establishing its fully licensed branch in Kuwait in 2006, Citi has evolved into an active corporate citizen, with a particular interest in supporting financial education and developing Kuwait’s talent pool. Over 500 young Kuwaitis have so far received certified training on financial literacy, life skills and personal economics through Citi’s sponsored training programs.

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