The committee to consider citizens’ complaints and suggestions

May 12, 2014 9:50 am

The committee to consider citizens’ complaints and suggestions which was reconstituted with ministerial decision number ‘145’ for the year 2013 has received (17) complaints in 2013. It has been considered by the committee and took appropriate actions by ministry’s relevant directorates.

It should be noted that the most of the complaints received by the committee was through the website of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and has been allocated a particular relevance to the Committee to consider citizens’ complaints.

Most of the complaints received on regard to Consumer Protection Directorate, where it reached six complaints, as there are 3 complaints concerning Commercial Register Directorate and three complaints concerning Bahrain Investment Center. There are five complaints received that don’t not relate to Ministry’s functions, however the commission has considered them and transferred them to the competent authorities.

On this occasion, The Committee welcomed all complaints and proposals related to the ministry to take the necessary. The reviewers should leave their name, address and phone numbers to able to follow up and communicate with them.

For more info please contact:
Khawla Othman Al zayani
Senior Media Specialist
Bahrain Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Tel: +97317568099
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