Cryptomathic exposes the challenges of cryptographic key management strategies at Dubai’s Cards & Payments

May 12, 2014 11:20 am

Cryptomathic, one of the world’s leading providers of security software solutions to businesses, is participating in Cards and Payments show, Middle East’s largest card, payment and ID event held in Dubai May 13 – 14, 2014.

Cryptomathic will be tackling “The challenges of implementing a successful key management strategy in a global bank”.

Cryptomathic’s Morten Landrock – Executive VP EMEA, Steve Marshall – Technical Advisor and Amru Kotb – Senior VP MEA are representing the company at the exhibition to present the evolution of key management in the last decade and how KEY MANAGEMENT MATTERS to each and every business.

“Key management (KM) strategies have to fit business needs and objectives. Such strategies are forced to operate within constraints set by the KM tools, operational procedures and compliance requirements”, says Morten Landrock. “Business objectives and strategies evolve with time, and so must the KM tools and procedures that support them. That is why key management frameworks must have business applications knowledge and the capabilities to respond quickly to future changes in business and compliance requirements in order to be successful”, adds Landrock.

On the challenges of implementing a successful key management strategy, Steve Marshall comments: “Key management frameworks need to operate transparently to simplify proof of compliance while combining centralised and automated key life-cycle functionalities to improve workflows and reduce operational costs. There are numerous other factors that must be considered when developing a best-fit approach to key management; these considerations will be revealed and explored during our hosted seminar at the show.”

From his side, Amru Kotb said that the participation in an event such as Cards & Payments is a great opportunity to meet with potential business partners and demonstrate our capabilities, which have achieved the goals of many satisfied customers worldwide. Cryptomathic’s main focus at this show is to shed light on how businesses in the financial sector can implement and benefit from best-fit KM capabilities and strategies, as well as introduce new innovations for secure mobile contactless payments (EMV-TT) that leverage Host Card Emulation (HCE) technology – independently of MNOs or TSMs.