DCL receives 153,000 samples for test in 2013

March 13, 2014 2:27 pm

‘Dubai Central Laboratory of Dubai Municipality has succeeded in achieving its vision to be the best in attaining the confidence of its customers and dealers ensuring the safety of products at global level through the full implementation of international standards and specifications. said Eng. Hawa Bastaki, Director of DCL during a review meeting.

In 2013, we have launched a new service for the registration of companies and issuance of certificate/ accreditation in the field of solar water heaters at regional and global level and received applications for certification for solar water heater complexes from 28 international plants and registration request from 42 suppliers of solar water heaters representing those plants. We are proud to achieve this international reputation and leadership within this short period,’ Bastaki said.

She shed light on the hard work of DCL in 2013 which highlights the major achievements and changes that reflected positively on the development of all laboratory services.

‘The number of tests executed by different sections of DCL in accordance with the International Standard 17025:2005 ISO / IEC amounted to 2,519 during 2013, an increase of 97% compared to 2012,’ she said.

‘The staff of DCL have exerted their maximum efforts to develop its services and increase the capacity of the laboratories where the results were quite positive. The tests and calibration services provided reached 3,527, an increase of 12% compared to 2012. The laboratory received 153,000 samples of products in order to ensure its compliance with the approved standards and specifications ensuring the safety and quality of the products in the local market of Dubai, an increase of 31 % compared to 2012,’ she explained.

‘The tests carried out on these samples reached approximately 734,000 during the same period, an increase of 18% comparing to 2012. The assessment system of factories witnessed an increase of 55 % in the number of certificates issued and renewed, comparing to 2012,’ she further said.

‘The laboratory has all the advanced technical capabilities that qualify it to provide excellent services in line with the expectations of its partners and customers by turning challenges into strengths to contribute towards excellence in providing government services,’ she added.