Dual recognition for Al Khaliji from international banker

April 10, 2014 4:00 pm

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) QSC has been awarded two prestigious accolades from the International Banker, “Best Practice Investor Relations” for the year 2014 and “Best Commercial Bank of the Year in Qatar”.

The International Banker 2014 Banking Awards recognize institutions that drive global commerce, create capital within their regions, and generate opportunities for economic growth.

Joe Maalouf, Head of Investor Relations, believes that the “Best Practice Investor Relations” award is a testament to the Bank’s key principles of transparency and aligning with all stakeholders.

“al khaliji is a strong advocate of investor interest and places great emphasis on achieving their financial ambitions. Transparency and facilitated access to critical information have been key to achieving this success”, Maalouf said.

al khaliji offers a full range of conventional banking products and services to premium and institutional customers in Qatar, GCC and France. al khaliji has demonstrated consistent performance across all parameters on net profit, assets, loan book, deposits while maintaining robust asset quality.

“We are delighted to receive the “Best Commercial Bank” award from a publication of such global repute. This reflects recognition for our brand positioning in the international community,” said Mohamed Abdelkhalek, Group Chief Business Officer. “Our sincere gratitude to our valued customers and staff, who played a fundamental role in securing this award. This is certainly an encouragement for us to further innovate our product portfolios and services”.

The International Banker 2014 Banking Awards consider the best banking institutions in the Middle East and Africa that have set the bar for industry excellence. The International Banker is the product of Finance Publishing, one of the world’s leading sources of authoritative analysis on finance, international banking, and world affairs.

The bank offers a wide range of web resources for current and potential investors and analysts. Everything from current and historical stock quotes to dates of shareholder meetings and downloadable financial reports are part of the Bank’s Investors Relations on the bank website. al khaliji has been an active participant in the Investor Relations Society’s activities in Qatar since its inception.