Dubai Chamber organises workshop on drafting contracts

May 7, 2014 2:11 pm

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently organised a workshop on how to prepare successful contracts, as part of its efforts to support the business community in Dubai.

The one day workshop, which is essential for all businesses that regularly work with contracts, taught participants about new and valuable approaches to recognise and produce effective contracts. It was attended by Dubai Chamber members, lawyers and legal consultants, investors and contract administrators as well as SME and business owners.

Mrs Jehad Kazim, Director, Legal Services Department, Dubai Chamber, said: “Contracts memorialise many types of relationships, from the most informal to the most complex and competitive.

“While good contracts can increase profitability and strengthen relationships, poorly drafted contracts can destroy a business deal and diminish valuable goodwill,” she said.

The workshop was led by Paul C. Jorgensen, a Washington D.C. attorney who frequently instructs lawyers and business people on contracts, licenses and intellectual property. He has been a popular legal instructor at Dubai Chamber since 2009.

The workshop covered topics such as understanding contract theory, preparing effectively to draft better contracts and drafting the 12 most important contract provisions.