EMP and Madfoo3atCom launch Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System in Jordan

May 13, 2014 2:20 pm

Emerging Markets Payments (EMP) and Madfoo3atCom for Electronic Payments (MFEP) recently won a tender to build, operate and administrate the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment System for Jordan, under the auspices of the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ). The service is being launched under the name of eFawateerCom, and allows people in Jordan to receive and pay bills electronically from their computers, ATMs, kiosks and Point of Sale terminals.

Following a successful pilot phase that involved three banks and three billers (two mobile operators and the Customs Department), eFawateerCom was officially launched on 1st of May.

Maha Bahou, Executive Manager of the Payment Systems and Domestic Banking Operations Department at the CBJ, was the first to use the service. She stated “The collaboration between EMP and MFEP is very significant as they bring a world-class electronic bill presentment and payment system which has been integrated with EMP’s extensive payments network in Jordan to create a seamless experience for our citizens.”

The system was conceived by the CBJ as one of the initiatives being undertaken in the interest of promoting a more efficient economy. eFawateerCom will reduce the need to send paper statements and invoices, and will encourage electronic payment of bills.

Most large Jordanian billers are expected to join eFawateerCom over the next year or so, including the electricity and water utilities. The Jordanian Government will utilise the platform to manage government payments, such as licenses, customs duties and taxes.

“We at the Central Bank believe that this system will become a great example to other countries that also wish to accelerate electronic payments in their economies,” said Ms Bahou.

Paul Edwards, Executive Chairman of EMP stated, “EMP serves over 135 banks and 30,000 merchants across the Middle East and Africa. Our vision is to provide world-class payments solutions across this fast growing region. We are very proud to partner with MFEP and the CBJ to deliver a leading edge presentment and payment system. I believe it will have a profound effect on Jordanian businesses and citizens by increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of making a payment, in terms of time as well as money. Jordan has the clear potential to become a leader in electronic payments in the region.”

Nasser Saleh, CEO and Founder of MFEP, said, “We are delighted to have won the tender by the Central Bank to operate the Bill Presentment and Payment System under the Central Bank’s eFawateerCom project. I commend the Central Bank for having the vision and determination to make this project happen. We have learned a great deal from SADAD, the highly successful Saudi Arabian electronic bill presentment and payment system, which has achieved great success in promoting electronic payments in the Kingdom. Our partnership with EMP means that we will be integrated into the largest payments network in the country, which will make our system highly effective in connecting billers and banks to consumers and businesses.”