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Evacuation mock drill at DM accommodation

April 15, 2014 4:09 pm

The public health and safety department at Dubai Municipality in collaboration with Dubai Police, Civil Defence and Dubai Ambulance Service, has conducted an evacuation mock drill at the DM staff accommodation located in Al Twar.

The move was aimed at educating inhabitants on how to deal with fire situations in the residential buildings. A mock fire incident was created in one of the flats for the purpose of creating a real experience.

Eng. Marwan Al Mohamed , director of public health and safety department said the municipality is keen to ensure the safety of residents of the emirate of Dubai in different unforeseen situations. This drive is a part of its various types of experiments in different locations and premises.

The mock drill also aims to improve and ensure the readiness of all parties and reduce injuries and fatalities in such cases as well as to identify any future or developmental needs and to identify the strengths and weaknesses through an assessment process of evacuation drill solving all shortcomings for the parties involved to be ready if any similar incident happens.

Eng. Sultan Al Suwaidi , head of public safety section said the experiment was completed successfully, referring to the 20 minutes during which the evacuation of all families and their return to the normal situation was done.
‘228 residents including men , women and children from 58 apartments were evacuated within this time. There was no injuries in spite of some difficulties faced by the team,’ Al Suwaidi said.

He also thanked all those who involved in the successful implementation of the process and stressed the need to strengthen the spirit of cooperation with the concerned authorities to ensure the safety of the community in the emirate.