First Energy Bank appoints Mr. Mohamed Shukri Ghanem as CEO of the Bank

December 9, 2013 10:05 am

The Board of Directors of the First Energy Bank (the “Bank”) announced recently the appointment of Mr. Mohamed Shukri Ghanem to the position of CEO of the Bank.

In statement on this occasion the Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors, Mr. Khadem Abdulla Al Qubaisi stated: “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mohamed Shukri Ghanem to the position of CEO of the Bank. Mr. Ghanem has won the trust of the Board of Directors during his successful leadership as Acting CEO of the Bank throughout the last three years. We, in the Board of Directors, are looking forward to cooperating with him in the management of the Bank in order to promote the Bank’s business and expand its investment operations during the coming period covering all investment products in the field of energy including direct investments, project finance, and banking and advisory services”.

Mr. Ghanem joined the Bank at its launch in 2008. Initially appointed as Deputy CEO/ Head of Investment and Business Development, he assumed the position of Acting CEO of the Bank in December 2010.

With extensive experience covering regional finance markets, international energy issues, Mr. Ghanem will oversee the development of all aspects of the Bank’s business including the overall investment strategy, building a strong team, developing the capabilities and potentialities of the Bank in the energy sector and representing the Bank in the international energy sector. He will also be responsible for identifying and exploring promising investment opportunities for the Bank, as well as supervising all its investment activities including structuring and executing investment transactions for all clients and providing them with high profile strategic investment advice, including investment deals, additional asset classes and investment instruments. He is also responsible for expanding the client base through establishing solid and sustainable investment strategies.

Prior to joining the Bank, Mr. Mohamed Ghanem worked for eight years with the Arab Banking Corporation. He also worked at the Risk and Asset Management Section at the Energy and Minerals Sector with GED Handles G.M.B.H in Vienna and at the Trade Section of the company in the position of Senior Trade Officer in the field of oil options.

Mr. Ghanem holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Webster University (School of Business and Technology) in Vienna and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Glamorgan University.