Frost & Sullivan to partner companies in their transformation into lean global corporates with International Supply Chain Excellence Programme, Gulf Edition 2014

April 30, 2014 12:45 pm

With increasing focus on diversification from being an oil-dependent economy to achieve sustained economic development, the Middle East is going through a significant transformative phase. With a significantly potential demand on its manufacturing supply base, excelling in manufacturing and supply chain practices could very well decide on future corporate struggles.

To address this rising necessity, Frost & Sullivan brings forth the International Supply Chain Excellence Programme, Gulf Edition 2014. Keeping in congruence with Frost & Sullivan’s programme, currently running in India, Thailand, and Turkey, the Gulf Edition aims to assist companies in adopting supply chain excellence practices across industries through assessments, feedback, and benchmarking.

The Gulf Edition of this programme will be primarily covering the Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) countries with special focus on Bahrain, Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As part of this programme, while the top performing companies would be recognised, all the assessed companies would be handed over a scorecard and an evaluation feedback would be shared. The sectorial benchmarking against global peers will be included in the feedback with more focus into the operational plans/projects of the participants. This, when integrated into the business plans in the subsequent years, would deliver maximum leverage and a clear value benefit to the participating company.

Speaking about the importance of identifying and leveraging Manufacturing potential in the region, Y.S. Shashidhar, Managing Director, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, Frost & Sullivan, said, “Manufacturing is one crucial sector that can generate huge employment opportunities in any country. The current low penetration of manufacturing contribution to GDP in the Middle East depicts enormous opportunities for this sector that have not got due management attention. Global evidence suggests developing countries with higher share of manufacturing over the services sector are known to demonstrate more rapid growth than service-dominated economies. In this scenario, increasing supply chain efficiencies across industries seems to be the next logical step. Through this initiative, Frost & Sullivan aims to assist companies in identifying gaps in supply chain processes and systems which eventually impact the bottom-line of a company’s performance.”

Frost & Sullivan’s International Supply Chain Excellence Programme is based on a scientific assessment of adequacy and effectiveness of the systems implemented in an organisation. This will measure the maturity of systems and the extent of compliance in making the supply chain processes reliable and capable of delivering the planned results. The participants of this process will have global benefits and an acknowledgement process that will catalyse their reach out to customers, collaborators and partners across the world.

The strength of this Programme lies in its unique Site Assessment Methodology. Every facility is examined on predefined factors that capture effectiveness and efficiency of processes such as operations, quality, productivity, customer focus, logistics, and business financials. These factors reflect a facility’s potential to become a mature and an optimised supply chain.

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