HSBC unveils strategic financial planning on tablet

May 29, 2014 9:21 am

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited has announced the launch of HSBC Tablet platform in the UAE, a significant enhancement to the Bank’s digital banking services providing clients with convenience, security and choice to bank their way. The new service will allow HSBC’s Relationship Managers to engage clients more effectively and utilise the new interface to provide more focused advice and instant paperless services.

With the Strategic Financial Planning (SFP) tool and Wealth Dashboard on their tablets, HSBC’s professionally-accredited financial advisors Relationship Managers can take the bank to the clients anywhere, anytime. Strategic Financial Planning is HSBC’s exclusive platform based on a set of financial planning standards defined and endorsed by experts and implemented across key HSBC sites globally. The Wealth Dashboard allows clients access to all their investments with HSBC through a single view.

Andy Ripley, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC, UAE said: “This is not about putting basic services onto a tablet in the name of innovation, this is about enabling discerning clients with busy lives to continue fulfilling their investment strategies and wealth plans, in a secure and efficient way at a time and place of their choice. We have seen that over 70% of all financial planning discussions take place outside the branch at client’s home, office or a café. Through HSBC Tablet, clients can go through a full-fledged financial planning and risk tolerance exercise, select the appropriate insurance and investment product recommended by their Relationship Manager as per their need, instantly authorise transactions via digital signature including electronic capture of supporting documents, with the full report in their Inbox by the end of the meeting.”

HSBC’s financial advisors Relationship Managers will be able to use the integrated platform to work in collaboration with clients and to help them set up a financial plan in line with their aspirations. The industry- leading service will provide personalised advice that takes into consideration client’s individual goals, ambitions and constraints.

Furthermore, the Zurich Quote and Apply application allows clients to apply for HSBC’s wide range of innovative wealth products including Zurich SavingsPlus, International Wealth Accounts and Futura through instant online application sent directly to Zurich.

Citing the HSBC Tablet as a game-changer for client-advisor relationship, Ripley further added: “Along with the new HSBC Tablet, the expertise of our professionally-accredited financial advisors Relationship Managers to identify client’s specific need vis-à-vis their risk profile, and HSBC’s global perspective on market trends and global opportunities, clients can enjoy a better and more enhanced relationship management experience – many of our clients have already given us incredibly positive feedback about the efficient paperless interaction.”