INJAZ Bahrain continues to boost relationship with its partners

February 20, 2014 11:11 am

INJAZ Bahrain has recently held its third meeting session for all coordinators representing the board companies.

The aim of the meeting which is run bi-annually was hosted by EY at their main offices in the Manama area was to brief all board company coordinators on INJAZ Bahrain’s plans for the upcoming spring semester 2013/14, boost the coordinators support towards the programs and the volunteer’s commitment, promote INJAZ Bahrain programs within the organization, and mainly provides committed, high caliber volunteers – whom are able to engage with a young age group of students in the most professional manner.

The meeting was attended by Badriya Naqi, Deputy Executive Director of INJAZ Bahrain & Fawad Laique – EY partner. Badriya thanked the coordinators for all support they extend to INJAZ Bahrain particularly on the level of volunteers’ provision by saying: “We are really grateful to the effort you put into the advancement of INJAZ Bahrain’s mission. Providing volunteers from your organization is not an easy task. We know how hard and challenging it is to encourage individuals to give in their time and full commitment to ensure successful implementation of our programs. Our board members are strong believers of our mission of empowering youth to own their economic success. Your role as a coordinator between your company and INJAZ Bahrain is as vital as it helps significantly in the facilitation of volunteers’ provision”. Badriya expressed her sincere gratitude to EY for hosting the meeting and for being a strong supporter of INJAZ Bahrain since inception.

Mr. Fawad Laique – EY partner, a board member of INJAZ Bahrain greeted all attendees and thanked them for their outstanding support to INJAZ Bahrain and wished them all success in their endeavor. The briefing which was presented by INJAZ Bahrain’s staff, focused on the students’ target of 20,488 the organization is planning to achieve during 2013/14 and the 666 volunteers required to be engaged with INJAZ Bahrain for the delivery of its 14 programs in all secondary, intermediate, 60% of the primary schools, universities and private schools. The coordinators were also briefed on their role and other parties’ role in the delivery of INJAZ Bahrain programs. The coordinators raised a number of views challenging them to fulfill the volunteers’ target. All Parties concluded the meeting by putting together a number of recommendations and suggestions that need to be looked into for the enhancement of all parties’ participation and the program delivery.

INJAZ Bahrain and all coordinators are working in full swing to provide a new horizons for students to explore their potentials and skills according to a vision that focuses on allowing equal opportunities to all young people to discover the concepts related to enterprise and to help them realize the value and significance of pioneering projects in providing job opportunities and to develop their standards of living.

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