Innoverto announces new partnership with The New York Institute of Management (NYIM)

January 23, 2014 9:49 am

Innoverto FZ LLC is proud to announce a new partnership with the prestigious New York Institute of Management. This partnership will enable professionals in the Gulf and Middle East to access a wide list of renowned online executive education programs by leveraging NYIM’s internationality and real world interactive learning approach to management education.

“As the region prepares for the next decade’s growth projections, organizations and individuals are increasingly upgrading their skillsand credentials through continuing education,” said Christianna Tsiterou, Managing Partner of Innoverto. “This unique partnership is responding to the increased demand forflexible executive education throughout the Gulf and Middle East.”

NYIM and Innoverto anticipate offering four to six Certificate programs each year – each up to two months in length. The initial programs are planned to meet the professional development needs of busy executives virtually and allow for a flexible learning schedule.

The first program, “NYIM Executive Mini MBA”, is specifically designed to help high potential functional experts become more effective managers and build the skills and confidence they need to succeed across all industries. “Certificate in Marketing Management”, the second program in the series, will be focused on creating value for professionals seeking growth and differentiation for their enterprises through successful marketing management. This program is divided into four modules consisting of four three-hour long sessions.

“We are aiming at addressing the emerging needs of business professionals worldwide,” said PanosLinardos, Executive Director of NYIM. “That’s why we are excited about working with Innoverto to extend the reach of our executive education programs and meet the huge demand for premium online executive education in the region.Practitioners will be able to follow any program regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules and current job responsibilities.”

“This partnership is in line with our continuous commitment to provide higher quality management education to the Middle Eastern Market,” said Christianna Tsiterou. “We are proud to work with the prestigious New York Institute of Management and their respective university partners.”

The New York Institute of Management is an independent, mission-driven organization committed to advance the management practice and enhance organizational performance. As a trusted partner of some of the world’s leading academic institutions NYIM is pioneering new approaches to flexible corporate education that connects practitioners to capture knowledge, build skills, solve problems and generate innovative business ideas. NYIM’s programs are developed based on the latest thinking, utilizing real-world; highly interactive applications and tools to prepare the students and accelerate their career path.”

Innoverto is a corporate training and events management company based in Dubai, UAE. Through partnerships with leading organizations worldwide, we offer high quality business trainings including certified courses throughout the Middle East. As an events management company, we specialize in bringing world-class speakers to the region for lectures and seminars.

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