Jordan Ahli Bank’s SME Academy holds workshop on Exporting and Global Management

February 24, 2014 3:07 pm

Jordan Ahli Bank’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Academy Unit recently held a free workshop on Exporting and Global Management.

It held this event as part of its free training program for the year 2014, targeting SME owners, SME employees, marketing researchers, product developers, people working in the distribution channels field, and those involved in foreign trade.

The aim of this workshop was to familiarize attendees with the tools and types of payment adopted in foreign trade, and to introduce them to delivery terms and the importance of enhancing international relations across all distribution channels.

The key topics tackled in the workshop included; expanding market research trends, evaluating the competitiveness of products globally, identifying channels, defining INCOTERMS and regulations, and enhancing payment methods.