Key decision makers, EPCs and consultants in Oman get up close with Rockwell Automation

April 2, 2014 1:10 pm

Oman’s industrial sector aims to adopt a new industrial strategy to raise efficiency, additional value and more job opportunities, according to reports. To address the demand of the market and support its needs, recently Rockwell Automation along with its partner Zubair Electric conducted a successful Technology Seminar in Muscat showcasing latest trends and dynamics of technology advancement that can increase productivity, sustainability and business agility.

This half day seminar was well attended in huge numbers by key customers and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) within the country from the Metals and Mining, Water WasterWater, Oil & Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Process and Manufacturing industries.

The participants gained further knowledge on the most recent industrial products and solutions as Rockwell Automation showcased the latest innovations in terms of providing effective, sustainable and more cost effective solutions through advancement in technology. A mix of corporate level presentations followed by breakout sessions and live demos made the day highly engaging giving the hosts an opportunity to meet and discuss market demands and industry requirements of today and tomorrow.

Business expert speakers of Rockwell Automation spearheaded the seminar to discuss various global challenges and possible network expansion catering to bridge the knowledge gap within the sector. In the seminar, topics for strategic and optimization advantages in automation were covered.
• Integrated Architecture Solutions – magnifies the delivery of plant-wide optimization, machine builder performance, and sustainable production with better asset utilization.
• Oil & Gas Solution Offering – focuses on the application of integrated information, control, power and safety solutions to respond to global demand for affordable energy, meet stringent government regulations and drive down costs.
• Life Cycle Solution – helps identify, mitigate and eliminate automation obsolescence risk.
• Process Solutions – the PlantPAx™ process automation system provides the technology and solutions to achieve a competitive advantage.
• Motor Control Applications – overview on products and solutions that suits industrial needs from power monitoring/management to the motor control applications.

Moreover, local industries were introduced to Partner Network Programs and Process Solution: PlantPax to illustrate its significance in the Middle East in achieving and sustaining manufacturing excellence. Companies are now being called for to drive innovations in order to remain competitive.

As the oil & gas, transportation and communication remained the key sectors of Oman now and in the coming years, Rockwell Automation Technical Seminar served as an important tool in the realization of industrial developments in the country. The seminar concluded not only by converging big industrial players in the region to take charge of becoming the leading Industrial Automation company worldwide through its in-depth knowledge of the business, excellent product, services and offerings but also by expanding the reach of possible global opportunities.

Rockwell Automation now moves to Qatar in April then Kuwait in May to have its succeeding version of the seminar.