KFH concludes training course for Wealth Management staff

May 5, 2014 2:00 pm

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) and Fitch Learning concluded a three-month paradigm training course that included important topics, in order to enrich the banking experience of employees, and boost their productive abilities. This comes as part of KFH’s plan to develop its human resources.

The training course had a capacity of 90 trainees that were divided into six groups. Fitch Learning staff gave this course based on the requirements of employees. Workshops witnessed competitive performance among the trainees. The course was divided into Sukuk, Client Handling Framework, Real Estate, Traded Equity, Private Equity, Asset Allocation and Diversification.

KFH exerts tremendous efforts to determine the training and development requirements of its employees, in an attempt to meet the bank’s strategies. Moreover, KFH is known for its unique training courses that have a profound effect on the performance of its employees where after assessing the requirements of Wealth Management, the bank collaborated with Fitch Learning, in order to address those needs; especially that the training program tackles pivotal topics, such as Sukuk market that witnesses continuous growth, real estate, investment diversification, and private investments that are globally sought for their role in the banking field, not to mention their role in yielding profits for clients, shareholders, and depositors.