KFH discusses market developments with car, marine equipment suppliers

April 17, 2014 2:42 pm

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) organized a meeting with commercial and used car and marine equipment suppliers, in an attempt to strengthen links with vendors, since such fields of business are a main pillar in the local market that boosts the economy.

The event was attended by Manager Consumer Finance Adel Al-Roshoud, several commercial sector employees, and numerous vendors working in the aforementioned fields in the local market. The participants discussed the current and future developments, and their effect on sales. They also suggested several means of support that they can work on with KFH, since it is considered to be one of the most prominent market makers.

During the event, KFH demonstrated the sales and marketing accomplishments, and the means required to achieve the highest degree of cooperation between KFH and the suppliers, in order to cement the concept of partnership; thus allowing the client to purchase whatever he desires, since clients are at the forefront of KFH’s priorities.

The vendors applauded KFH for its support and efforts that are evident through exhibitions and festivals year-round, or through its service quality standards. They also praised the training courses organized by the bank to the employees working at those commercial companies, in order to boost their sales skills. A number of vendors and salesmen were honored for their performance last year.

KFH is keen to meet its clients who are vendors of various items, such as construction materials, vehicles, electrical appliances, furniture, and others. Such meeting tackles ways to cement coordination in various common fields, and methods required to increase sales. KFH seeks to listen to suggestions made by suppliers, and takes into consideration those suggestions to improve and develop its services and products.