KFH launches ‘Bunyani’ campaign for construction industry

April 12, 2014 10:46 am

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched a new campaign for its clients themed Bunyani”. This campaign offers clients all their needs of building a house with good services, and streamlines facilities that cater to clients’ aspirations and meet their requirements. In addition, the campaign bolsters sales, revitalizes the market and boosts the construction industry in Kuwait.

Executive Manager, personal Finance at KFH, Talal Al-Hunaidi said that the campaign contributes in granting clients unique privileges through the coordination and correlation with a number of suppliers that offer a range of special house plan prices up to KD70000 including the skeleton, the finishing of 400 meter squares piece of land and a building area of a two-storey 600 meter squares house. Moreover, the benefits offered include a monthly installment of KD599, a 15 year credit period, a 12 month maturity period of the first installment, in addition to offering engineering consultancy services before and during the construction.

Al-Hunaidi added that this campaign comes as part of KFH’s response to its clients’ requests that it becomes aware of during its meeting with them where they ask for such campaigns, since they receive the suitable funding for very good rates and facilities.

He stressed that KFH’s relationship with merchants, suppliers and the local market is very strong and is based on cooperation and partnership to serve the client, in addition to supporting the national economy.


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