KFH launches a consumer product financing campaign

January 26, 2015 11:40 am

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched a consumer product financing campaign themed “Financing Meets your Needs”, with exclusive privileges in an attempt to meet clients’ aspirations and financing requirements.

Deputy General Manager Commercial Services at KFH, Ahmed Al-Khaled stated that KFH aims by this campaign to offer clients the best facilities. He added that the financing reaches KD 15000, 60 months repayment period, in addition to the fact that entitlement for first installment is 6 months, and clients are not requested to transfer their salaries in order to be financed.

Al-Khaled went on to say that KFH is keen on providing clients with the best financing solutions and granting them competitive privileges that distinguish them among peers in the local market.

He explained that KFH finances the purchase of vehicles, parts, furniture, electronics and electrical supplies, boats, cars, education, and health care. Moreover, KFH finances the purchase of work and construction materials in the field of installment financing. The financing reaches KD 70000, 15 years repayment period, and the entitlement for first installment is 6 months.

Al-Khaled underlined the importance of the campaign as it plays a significant role in revitalizing the market, bolstering sales and boosting the economy. In addition it supports suppliers and merchants, not to mention strengthening relationships with them for the benefit of clients.