KFH participates in ‘Photo talks’ forum

April 24, 2014 8:21 am

Kuwait Finance House KFH has participated in the ‘Photo talks’ forum as a strategic partner in an effort to cement relationships with the youths, and as part of the bank’s social responsibility.

The forum witnessed a huge turnout from photographers and participants who exchanged thoughts and ideas with other participants in the forum that is considered to be the largest in the region.

Moreover, several specialized lectures were given to attendees to broaden their knowledge of photography, not to mention that some success stories were demonstrated.

It’s worth noting that KFH is keen to participate in such events that cater to the youths’ aspirations and contribute to their success.

KFH manages its operations in the GCC, Asia, and Europe through over 310 branches, including KFH-Turkey, in order to offer services for the bank’s clients in Turkey, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Australia, Jordan, Dubai, and Manheim in Germany.

KFH’s mission is to achieve highest levels of excellence and innovation in the field of client service, while developing common interest for all those concerned with the financial institution. KFH’s vision is to spearhead the global development in Islamic financial services, and to upgrade the bank into the level of becoming the most sustainable profitable Islamic bank in the world.

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