KFH renews 22 ATMs

September 3, 2014 4:24 pm

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has entirely renewed 22 ATMs in its branches that are spread throughout Kuwait as a continuation of the bank’s methodology of adopting the latest technology and development in its infrastructure. This step allows KFH to better serve clients and meet their aspiration, not to mention boost their confidence in KFH.

The ATMs that have been replaced by new ones varied to include the normal and Shamel where the latter enjoys advanced features that facilitate banking operations; such as ordering check book, depositing, opening investment deposits, withdrawing, balance inquiry, and account statement. Moreover, companies can benefit from Shamel ATMs in depositing funds and checks and executing their transactions optimally. It’s worth noting that Shamel ATMs play a significant marketing role as they are a means to communicate with clients and demonstrate KFH’s advertisements and promotional campaigns through the devices’ screens.

ATMs have been replaced be new ones in the following branches: Mubarak Alkabeer, Subah Alsalem, Alahmadi, Bayan, Alkhaldiya, Qortoba, Shamiya, Qadesiya, Subah Alnasser, Alsulaibekhat, Baitak Tower, Aljahraa, ALQaser, Huttain, Alsubahiya. Furthermore, KFH has installed a new ATM in Alandalus branch where the total number of KFH’s ATMs has reached 169 ones, which confirms KFH’s massive expansion throughout Kuwait, and proves its leading role in offering banking services.