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KFH: Three Easy Technical Methods to Setup Widest Array of Investment Deposits

March 3, 2014 10:24 am

Chief Retail Banking Officer at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Mohammed Al-Fouzan stated that KFH has best array of deposits among local banks, since those deposits vary in rates, period of time, and investment rate.

He added that those deposits are easy to open through e-channels and ATM machines; thus increasing KFH’s share of banking deposits. He underlined the fact that KFH deposits are the best in returns among the market; especially that it increases rapidly due to a prudent investment policy that aims to achieve sustainable profits with minimal risk.

In addition, Al-Fouzan said that KFH clients can open deposits either through visiting the branch, or online, where all procedures can be completed. They can also open deposits through Alo Baitok service 1803333, or through KFH’s ATM machines that serve 24/7.

Al-Fouzan went on to say that KFH offers various kinds of deposits that have different minimum limits and time frames in investment. Those deposits can be in Kuwaiti dinar or other foreign currencies, and offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly returns. Some of those deposits have an investment rate of 100% of the value of the deposit. KFH is keen to announce the profit of deposits once they are available without any delay. In addition, the client can cancel the deposit at any time without losing all his profit, or paying any cancellation fees.

KFH deposits are Al-Khumasiya investment deposit, Kawthar, continuous investment deposit, Al-thulathiya investment deposit, Sedra investment deposit, and investment deposits in US dollars, Sterling Pound, and Euro.

Al-Fouzan stated that the depositors’ profits, which are the best in Kuwaiti market, have been deposited in their accounts once the financial results are revealed, which underlines KFH’s technical and abilities and skillful manpower.

Moreover, he noted that the increase in deposits distributions and investment accounts compared to 2013 was good where 2.180% was distributed for Al-Khumasiya deposit, 1.962% for continuous investment deposit, 1.526% for Sedra investment deposit, and 1.308% for Tawfeer investment accounts.