KFH-Turkey key partner in economic development

April 29, 2014 4:13 pm

Turkish Minister of Finance Mehmet SimSek stated that Kuwait Finance House Turkey (KFH-Turkey) is a key partner in the economic development of Turkey.

He added on the sideline of opening the Turkish Real Estate Forum, that KFH-Turkey has been a significant player in the Turkish market for over 25 years, where it has become a model for long-term investment and strategic partnership.

He went on to say that KFH-Turkey managed to withstand what is called “Currency Crisis” that had broken out in the nineties, and it succeeded in underscoring ties between the GCC and Turkey.

Moreover, he noted that KFH-Turkey’s equity outpaces USD 1 billion where it started with a capital of USD 10 million. He affirmed that Turkey, with arms wide open, welcomes Kuwaitis, whether tourists or investors, and offers them all privileges and facilities needed.

SimSek expressed his pride and gratitude towards the exerted efforts that contributed in organizing the forum, explaining that such events and activities play a significant role in enhancing cooperation between private sectors of both countries.

He stressed the importance of Turkey for investors, as it provides the best facilities, not to mention resilient legislations and regulations.

He added that the government ratified several procedures in terms of investment and real estate development where they ensure a solid platform for achieving growth and expansion in these fields in the upcoming period, in addition to providing a healthy environment for investors.

Turkish ambassador in Kuwait expressed his pleasure towards the forum, and praised its concept. He asked Kuwaitis to visit Turkey as investors or tourists; especially that both countries have unique historic relationships between their people and the political leadership. The ambassador called for expanding relationships to include the fields of economy, trading, and collaboration.

Meanwhile, KFH CEO Mohammad Al-Omar said that the Turkish Real Estate Forum is a significant product for Kuwaiti nationals and investors. He added that KFH has succeeded, in collaboration with Turcapital Holding Company, the Turkish Iskan Company, and KFH-Turkey, to consolidate 15 high profile real estate companies in Turkey where they enjoy confidence and credibility, in addition to their huge projects and remarkable achievements.

Furthermore, Al-Omar highlighted the importance of the forum as it coincides with the increasing demand for real estate in Turkey, as one of the rewarding investments, since Turkey witnesses profound economic growth.

He went on to say that KFH-Turkey has become a safe haven for investors, since it enjoys good reputation, experience and confidence in the Turkish market, not to mention its wide network of branches that consists of up to 270 branches, and strong financial performance.

Al-Omar shared that the forum includes a bouquet of distinguished experts and consultants in the field of real estate evaluation, which is considered to be a good opportunity to all those who wish to benefit from the Turkish economic growth and development, especially the real estate development, since it is considered to be a vital indicator of the stability of the Turkish economy.


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