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KFH unveils Ramadan Program

June 15, 2014 9:46 am

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) unveils its activities during the holy month of Ramadan, which include raising awareness, and humanitarian and social activities, not to mention competitions, sponsorships, and charity. This is a result of KFH’s firm belief in the importance of its social responsibility and humanitarian role, which reinforces the ties between the bank and various segments of the society.

Public Relations and Media Executive Manager, Saeed Tawfiqi revealed that KFH has set several social activities that suit the holy month and the traditions of the society, such as distributing gergeian gifts to children at malls, visiting hospitals, organizing ceremonies for people in medical centers along with distributing gifts, volunteering campaigns to assist people at the grand mosque and assume some procedures while praying, not to mention some nutrition and sports activities and providing some medical tips in cooperation with some specialized entities. He added that KFH shot a television commercial that will be broadcasted daily during Ramadan on various television channels.

Tawfiqi went on to say that KFH is organizing two separate Ramadan ceremonies, ghabga for employees; men and ladies, in addition to a major ghabga that has become a tradition of KFH for journalists.

In addition, the bank will organize a competition through Instagram that is used by tens of thousands of people in Kuwait using smart phones, in order to choose the best picture. The pictures must be related to Ramadan and its rituals.

He referred to the Quran application that KFH has lately offered on androids, in addition to its availability on App store which reflects the bank’s identity as the first Islamic bank in Kuwait and a pioneer in this field worldwide. This free application helps in spreading Quran to all smart phone users worldwide.

Furthermore, Tawfiqi said that KFH distributed gifts to its employees, and will organize other activities that cement interaction between the employees and the top management. He stressed that such steps motivate employees to exert more effort to improve the bank’s performance and maintain its leadership. He concluded that there will be other programs and activities that will be announced during Ramadan.