Kuwait Finance House increases Mobi-Baitak vehicles to six

January 27, 2014 11:24 am

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) increased the number of Mobi-Baitak vehicles that serve as mobile ATM machines from three to six vehicles, in an attempt to reach more clients at various locations. It is worth noting that KFH is the first bank in Kuwait to offer such a service.

The vehicle allows clients to take advantage of banking services for over 15 hours per day. The vehicle is available from 9 am to 12 midnight at certain locations, based on a schedule, including off hours and holidays. Such a step underlines KFH keenness to continue to develop its retail banking services. The satellite-monitored vehicle offers cheque books, change of password, and other regular banking services, such as cash withdrawal and the deposit of cash and cheques, in addition to balance statements.

Moreover, those vehicles serve as indicators at certain locations, in order to determine if KFH needs to open a branch at that location, or install an ATM machine, based on the number of clients using the vehicle at that location. KFH is keen to expand and to communicate with its clients through offering them necessary banking services at any time and place.

Such services are highly applauded by clients, especially those at remote locations, such as Jelea, Chabd, and Wafra, which cements KFH’s leadership in offering banking services that meet the requirements of its clients, not to mention its ability to compete in the local market.


Moustafa Amin
Kuwait Finance House – KFH
Tel: +965-22964227