Kuwait Finance House takes part in job fair

February 25, 2014 3:36 pm

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) took part in the job fair that was organized by College of Business Administration in Kuwait University as a main sponsor, in an attempt to recruit and train distinguished Kuwaiti youths.

Human Resources and General Services General Manager Zeyad Al-Omar stated that KFH’s participation in the job fair underline KFH’s prioritization of its role to recruit Kuwaiti youths, in addition to allowing companies and corporations to develop and hone the skills of those youths, according to international standards. He added that KFH has a unique experience in training and developing Kuwaitis, which allowed it to produce leaders in the field of Islamic banking in Kuwait and worldwide.

Al-Omar explained that KFH’s management shoulders the responsibility of providing its employees with a suitable and stable work environment that encourages them to excel in their field of work. He went on to say that the development of human resources goes hand in hand with the bank’s policy to develop its services and products, which allows the bank to offer better services to its clients.

On the sideline of the fair, Meshaal Al-Meheini from the Human Resources team lectured a group of students about the requirements needed in those wishing to join KFH, and the importance of human resources in companies and corporations.
Picture: Human Resources team at KFH booth