Kuwaiti Ambassador, KFH-Bahrain invite 20 diplomats to visit Durrat Al-Bahrain

February 15, 2014 10:46 am

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bahrain Sheikh Azzam Al-Sabah and KFH-Bahrain invited a number of diplomats in Bahrain to visit Durrat Al-Bahrain touristic resort.

The resort is considered to be one of Bahrain’s leading projects, and is known for its premium sea-view location and various services. The project is a successful epitome of coordination between the private and public sectors, where KFH-Bahrain owns 50% of the project, and the Bahraini government owns the other 50%.

Ambassador Al-Sabah explained that the aim of this visit is to demonstrate the development and touristic and real estate boom that Bahrain witnesses. He stressed that the political leadership in Bahrain approves such developments.

He applauded KFH-Bahrain for its efforts to make this visit successful, and thanked the visitors for accepting the invitation. He added that during this visit, he seeks to show the real progress and development made, and revealed that further visits will be arranged for the diplomats to King Fahad Bridge that links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia; in addition to Bahrain’s international car racing track.

Regarding economic bilateral relations between Kuwait and Bahrain, Al-Sabah said that there is a joint committee from both countries that will meet soon in Bahrain, in order to study exploring new horizons in the field of economic relationships. He asserted that the investment environment in Bahrain is encouraging and flexible.