Launch of Tamaiaz wa Falak Tayyeb Award

March 4, 2014 10:41 am

Tamaiaz wa Falak Tayyeb Award which targets the UAE nationals final university students and fresh graduates has been launched with additional new sectors including Education, Health and Islamic Finance. This year the award has been launched with some modification on the categories to match the new changes in the different sectors of life, the new technologies and job market.

Rehab Lootah, Secretary General, the Award Board of Trustees said “We have made modifications on the award categories in order to be in line with the current changes in the different sectors, and hence the education, health and environment have been added to the categories, the education category shall include projects and researches that aims at development of the education system through the new technologies and development of the teaching techniques of the Arabic language; while the health and environment aims at development of the health services; the category of Media, Marketing and Communication, has been modified to include the graphic designs and cinematography. Receiving online applications from the candidates shall start from today until the end of June 2014, hoping that this modification on the award categories shall enhance the award and enable us to attract more candidates with new concepts and inventions.”

She added “The previous award categories since its inception in 2007 included Media, Marketing and Communication, Management and Leadership, Finance & Banking, Society and Environment, Business, Design, photography and cinema. This new change shall enhance the award’s value by encouraging more students from different specializations to participate in this activity. We work closely with the universities and educational institutions to boost the spirit of creation and invention among the young talents from the UAE nationals. Throughout the previous rounds we were able to find creative and innovative individuals who joined our company as well as the other sponsoring organizations in different positions, the thing which added value to our company and helped us to support the government efforts in the emiratization process.”

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