Mashreq Max 2.0 to change way you bank – forever

May 27, 2014 2:25 pm

Mashreq Bank launched the Mashreq Max2.0, one of the most technologically-advanced banking innovations. Not only do customers have the choice of receiving a Galaxy Tablet 3 or a Galaxy S5 phone, it comes pre-loaded with a vast range of banking services and lifestyle rewards – and even gets delivered to the doorstep. The Mashreq Max2.0 changes the way one does banking.

Mashreq Max2.0 marks a complete overhaul of the Mashreq Max device launched last year. It allows customers to get all the benefits of visiting the branch – but from the comfort of their home. The Mashreq Max2.0 includes state-of-the-art financial applications, such as Snapp Mobile Bankin, Mashreq Store, lifestyle-enhancing apps Mashreq Flavours dining program, and Mashreq’s Salaam Rewards program.

It also comes with time-saving tools such as a loan calculator and the ability to set-up branch visit appointments. It also features the complete account package, including a debit card, credit card and cheque book, together with the option for a personal loan and revolving overdraft.

Customers can receive the Mashreq Max 2.0 package by transferring their salary to Mashreq and selecting a loan or a credit card and their option of device which is a Tablet or mobile phone, the device will be pre-loaded and delivered to their doorstep.

Tooran Asif, Head of Personal Banking, Mashreq, “At Mashreq, innovation is in our DNA with the objective to improving customer satisfaction. The Mashreq Max2.0 actually takes convenience to the very next level. It is a one-stop-shop for fulfilling financial and lifestyle needs for customers. Max2.0 empowers the customer via multiple digital apps. Some of these include: Mashreq’s Snapp Mobile Banking, Mashreq Store, Property Mart, lifestyle-enhancing apps Mashreq Flavours dining program, Mashreq’s Salaam Rewards program, loan calculators and Branch Appointment setting tool.”

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