Mashreq’s opens eCube investment Centre in Jumeirah

May 11, 2014 12:56 pm

Continuing its smart banking approach, leading financial institution opened its latest eCube branch in Jumeirah. The inauguration of the branch was attended by Farhad Irani, Head of Retail Banking Group, Shaker Zainal, Head of Distribution and management of the Bank.

The 2 storey recently opened branch includes a Trading Pulse Room, which is a new exciting investor room. It allows customers to get up-to-date information on stocks, shares and investment plans through the latest digital touch experiences, and even allows them to logon to their eTrade account and buy and sell shares immediately. This is a statement by Mashreq that the bank is leading retail bank for customers who require investment services.

Shaker Zainal, Head of Distribution said during the inaugural, “We are very pleased to open yet another state-of-the-art branch. Customer engagement is significant to us and to achieve that, we have created an atmosphere where not only can they carry out their banking transactions but also empower them with technology to experience exceptional banking.”

When customers step into the branch, their journey is met by interactive screens, empowering them to carry out any activity they prefer. Now, customers have the choice to experience banking at their own pace.

Shaker Continued, “The Trading Pulse Room is an added service for our investment customers, who wish to trade in a real time space where trading was never easier and convenient. This is a unique concept that we wanted to provide to our customers.”

On the screens, Mashreq’s online representative, introduces 15 different lifestyles. Customers can then discover various products and services pertaining to each of these lifestyles, with the option of physically downloading application forms and additional product information onto their smartphones through QR codes. All this is done through touch screen technology. Adding to this interactive experience, each screen will constantly showcase news feeds that will be updated in real time.

E Cube Retail Concept is the UAE’s first of its kind initiative. Mashreq’s E Cube Retail Concept offers customers speedy, smart banking and most of all interactivity with the latest technology led devices. Upon entering the branch, customers and passersby will be greeted by a 75″ exterior attractor screen. This screen visually interacts with people, engaging them with products and lifestyle choices to accommodate their requirements.