MasterCard and Emirates Foundation collaborate to empower and educate youth

April 2, 2014 1:31 pm

MasterCard and Emirates Foundation announced a partnership aimed at empowering young people across the United Arab Emirates and driving financial literacy. Together, the organizations will work towards engaging the country’s youth through innovative and high-impact educational programs that encourage positive social change.

Commenting on the partnership, Raghu Malhotra, Division President of MasterCard in the Middle East and North Africa, said, “Youth across the country are seeking greater empowerment and ownership over their futures. This is an encouraging trend and I think it is imperative for us – as a company, and as individuals – to help them access the right educational tools, training and mentorship that will empower them to succeed.”

He added, “By working with well-established partners such as the Emirates Foundation to roll out educational and skill-building initiatives, we aim to develop a generation of educated and motivated young people poised for career success. In the long-term, this enables the creation of new enterprises and will help businesses thrive and generate long-term economic growth.”

Clare Woodcraft-Scott, CEO of Emirates Foundation, stated, “Emirates Foundation is delighted to partner with MasterCard to support our work around inspiring and guiding young people. Without support from the private sector we would not be able to run our programs and we particularly value companies that engage directly with our programs.” “We look forward to having MasterCard employees support us as mentors and coaches but also, very specifically, as potential trainers for our financial literacy program – an area where MasterCard has great global experience and capacity,” she added noting that the Foundation looks forward to a long-term and highly engaged partnership,” he added.

Emirates Foundation is a philanthropic organization set up by the Government of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi to facilitate public and private funded initiatives to improve the welfare of people across the UAE.

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