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NCB Capital launches free live prices service for all Alahli Tadawul customers

April 19, 2014 8:31 am

NCB Capital, Saudi Arabia’s leading wealth manager and the Kingdom’s largest asset manager, has launched a free local shares live price service for all its brokerage customers who use its Basic online trading service, Alahli Tadawul. The free offer is part of NCB Capital’s efforts to meet all its customers’ need for live price dissemination as a progressive alternative for the current 15-minute delayed price display.

The free live prices service gives Alahli Tadawul customers more peace of mind and greater ease in trading by offering many advantages that include immediate access to prices of stocks listed on the Saudi stock market; access to in-depth market information by orders ( for the top 10 orders) or by prices (for the top 5 bids and 5 asks).

In addition, the service allows Alahli Tadawul customers to create more than a dozen of prices watch lists with the possibility to issue a buy or sell order from the same list of prices.The service also provides important market information,such as corporate news, company statistics, a sector index, and many other benefits.

Commenting, Khalid Tahir, Acting Head of Securities at NCB Capital, said: “Today we redefine trading services and redouble the value that we offer to our customers who subscribe to the Alahli Tadawul Basic service. This progressive move is part of our efforts to develop our services and products by focusing on meeting our customers’ specific requirements in order to maintain NCB Capital’s brokerage leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region.”

Mr. Tahir went on to say: “Providing this free service is in line with NCB Capital’s mission to support, empower and reward its clients by providing them with more strategic tools that will help them in the process of making the right decision at the right time. The service comes in a package of free services provided by NCB Capital to its clients, including the free daily opportunities tips service which automatically offers customers daily trading opportunities based on technical analysis of the local stock market.”

The new initiative effectively enhances NCB Capital’s competitive advantages and strengthens the company’s aim to be the leading investment house in Saudi Arabia and the region.

Through its team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of the Saudi market and the needs of local investors, NCB Capital offers a comprehensive range of brokerage services including online trading; special trading lounges, an IVR Interactive Voice phone service,and a personalized service that enables trading through a live broker via fax or phone..

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