Pomp, gaiety mark National Day celebrations at Pearl- Qatar

December 29, 2013 6:31 am

The Pearl-Qatar, UDC’s flagship development and one of the iconic address in the Middle East, was teeming and bustling with a plethora of celebratory programs and entertaining activities specially designed to mark the Qatar National Day.

The celebrations which took place at the Pearl Qatar from December 16-18, witnessed thousands of visitors, residents, and guests from outside Qatar experiencing genuine Qatari hospitality through traditional foods and drinks in an ambience filled with pride and loyalty.

A source of pride to the communities in Qatar, the national day celebration at the man-made Island was marked with pomp and show with the organizing committee of the celebrations lining up extraordinary fun-filled activities in celebration of this momentous occasion in the history of Qatar.

The three days of festivities included a series of traditional and ethnic activities such as Ardah show, falconry, face-painting for children, tower projection, water screen projection and the breath-taking fireworks that bedazzled the Island, capturing the hearts of spectators. Children were offered chocolates, Qatari flags, and other valuable giveaways that were tailor made to commemorate this honorable day in Qatar’s history. The events and performances spread out in several areas at The Pearl- Qatar from 1 La Croisette up to 10 La Croisette, allowed visitors a unique opportunity to navigate and enjoy this spectrum of events, with the hospitality tent welcoming everyone with Arabian hot coffee accompanied by delectable dates from some of Qatar’s very own farms and chance to indulge in the aroma of Arabic perfumes.

The traditional Ardah sword dance captured the imagination of many visitors with Qataris participating in songs and dances. Ardah usually begins with men standing in two rows facing each other. They chant in Arabic challenging each other; usually the chants are about the tribes they come from. The second day of activities was no less than the first day. Visitors were treated to a dazzling tower projection and water screen projection. Water projection using three-dimensional imaging technique along with laser projection were displayed with stereoscopic images on the surface of the water and the towers, much applauded the large gathering.

The star attraction of the day was the fireworks. As night fell, fireworks were set off at The Pearl- Qatar, illuminating the sky and casting beautiful reflections on the sea. For visitors wanting to learn about traditional Qatari life, the heritage tent attracted women from various nationalities who lined up to have henna paintings in their palms. Furthermore, at the Open Air Theatre at 10 La Croisette, hundreds of children and their families engaged in an enjoyable Dora show, entertaining cartoon characters and comical clowns.

All UDC festivities were organized in collaboration with the National Day Organizing Committee, which was also the Platinum Sponsor of the event.

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