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‘Positive Energy’ drive for civic body employees

May 22, 2014 3:37 pm

Inspired by the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to spread the means of positive energy among all segments of government employees and marking the 9th anniversary of DM Training Centre, the civic body has organized a seminar on the topic ‘Positive Energy’ for its employees.

The seminar under the patronage of Eng. Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality held in The Address Hotel, Dubai in the presence of senior officials and employees from all categories.
Hala Kazim, social consultant and the founder of Journey Through Change, has delivered a lecture on the topic ‘Concept of Positive Energy’ and Bassam Al Khatib, training and development consultant at UAEU has spoken on ‘Criteria o f Positive Energy’ and methods of increasing productivity and energy.

Commenting on the initiative Lootah said : ‘The positive energy is the secret of contribution and excellence. It is known as the inclination to taste distinction and the sweetness of achieving the goal. The source of positive energy in human is an innate self motivation to reach the first place and the world of leadership,’.

‘The man with positive energies distinguishes with following qualities; he will be the forerunner in all of his relevant areas with high aspirations, he will catch the eyes with a magic power of attraction and personality, will always like challenges with strong optimism throughout the life, we can see him exerting the maximum effort with full of enthusiasm, his passion will be to learn and adopt new things, his exceptional courage, readiness, confidence on skills, keenness for perfection, dedication in work, accuracy, strong insight all will make him not believe in surrender, failure, frustration and despondency. The word impossible is not in his dictionary as he is fully aware that the success only comes as a result of prolonged struggle,’ he said.

‘Hence, let’s aspire for positive attitude in everything of our day today’s life getting rid of all negative and harmful charges around. It is time to wash ourselves from the entire bad feelings, words, arguments which will otherwise lead us to the dissatisfaction and eternal collapse,’ he encouraged the employees.

‘In this context, the employees should be confident that he or she can do anything, small or big. Majority of the achievements, projects, ideas that we enjoy now were mere plans and drawings in the nearest past. More simply, it was just an imagination of some employees. Wherever the willpower and powerful management are found it will come up with miracles with normal human beings, Lootah further said.

‘We are still not late to explore the mudded energies inside us. We only need to overcome the fears and look to the life though it’s beautiful wide door, that will show us a world full of creativity and hope. Napoleon when asked about the confidence of his troop said: if someone said I can’t I would reply try, if someone said I don’t know, I would say learn, if someone said impossible I would say struggle,’ he continued.

‘In short, today we are in a world of alert and vigilant people who never recognize sleeping and failed people in any area of life. Hence, it is time to stop waiting for luck and living in the tune of laziness and silence,’ he added.