SIB celebrates graduation of 14 senior employees from Al Nukhba leadership competency programme

May 18, 2014 4:56 pm

Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) recently celebrated the graduation of its senior employees who completed the ‘Al Nukhba’, a Leadership Competency Programme launched by the bank in October 2013. The programme aimed to engage 40 managers and section heads from the bank’s various Departments, with the aim of increasing performance and enhancing leadership competencies.

Fourteen employees lead the final list of the groundbreaking programme, which was run in collaboration with Human Resources Consultant Marwa Karoura from KTalk Coaching and Consulting.

The six-month programme focused on three managerial competencies, namely Leadership, Decision Making, and Entrepreneurial & Commercial Thinking. Participants engaged in this programme were trained in each of the three skills, for a period of four weeks per skill, on the basis of a learning implementation system (Rituals). Managers were coached and rewarded under the supervision of highly experienced coaches, and were given opportunity to share expertise and best practices under an effective evaluation system. ‘Al Nukhba’ combines leadership practices with coaching and competing, thus stimulating the spirit of challenge and encouraging competition among participants.

HE Mohammed Abdullah, CEO of Sharjah Islamic Bank, congratulated the graduates for their outstanding efforts and dedication to developing their skills to better serve the interests of the bank, its clients, and the banking industry in the UAE at large. He said: “Through these training programmes, we seek to improve the efficiency and capabilities of our employees in line with the bank’s objectives, mission, and plans to develop the performance and professional expertise of senior employees, support their decision making skills and help them stay abreast with the continuous growth in SIB’s business and its leadership of banking industry in the UAE.”

He affirmed the bank’s eagerness to assert its position as one the best employers in the UAE’s banking sector in terms of career development programmes, particularly with regards to UAE nationals. The bank has been committed to provide training programmes in accordance with the latest international standards and to offer human resource and management development opportunities to prepare senior employees to fill key leadership roles.

HE Mohammed Abdullah, CEO of Sharjah Islamic Bank, honoured the three employees who topped the list of 14 top performing employees, namely Amal Al Mahdi, Mohammed Rashid and Najmul Hussain. The ceremony was attended by the bank’s senior officials, heads of departments, and a group of employees.

Sharjah Islamic Bank seeks to attract and develop national talents and experienced employees from other nationalities to work in various banking roles to cope with the bank’s expansion strategy in the light of the economic growth and urban development in the emirate of Sharjah. The bank is looking forward to open more branches in all emirates of the UAE in the near future.

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