Social Development Center hosts ENMAA 2014 to celebrate a new class of graduates

May 24, 2014 1:55 pm

The Social Development Center (SDC), held its second annual joint graduation ceremony – under the title ENMAA 2014, in collaboration with ExxonMobil Qatar, during which 182 students were awarded their diplomas for completing the First Step, BADR. WINTA GADR, and Qatar International Beauty Academy (Tajmeel) programs.

The prestigious event was held at the Qatar National Convention Center and attended Muneera Almisned, Chairperson of the Qatar Foundation for Social work,Amal Al-Mannai, Executive Director, SDC and Alistair Routledge, Vice President, Production at ExxonMobil Qatar Inc., amongst a number of VIPs and renowned figures in Qatari society, as well as the graduates and their families.

On this occasion Amal Al-Mannai, Executive Director, SDC commented saying, “Today, marks the outcome of 16 years of experience at the Social Development Center. At this time we commemorate the continuing development of our country’s youth and their achievements as they proceed towards using their experience to contribute to the employment sector in Qatar. We are proud of our graduates today and their ambition to contribute to building this great nation and adding to its security and social stability. We are also proud of their awareness of the importance of the fast-paced work environment and their zeal to work hard in order to improve the quality of life.”

During the ceremony a documentary showcasing the journey of the students through the SDC programs was shown to the audience. HendAbd El Malik, gave a speech on behalf of her fellow students on the day saying, “Our enrollment in the programs First Step, BADR and Tajmeel academy has given us the motivation to move forward in both our professional and personal lives. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to SDC for giving us an opportunity to achieving our dreams through the skills we gained from the courses offered within those programs.”

Nawar Al Shershany, a graduate from First Step’s class of 2013 shared her success story with the graduating class informing them about how her professional, as well as her personal life improved since graduating from the SDC program.

Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Jilani a graduate from the First Step program said, “I joined the computer and English language courses within the programin an effort to improve my performance and communication skills at work in the Private Engineering Office. After completing these courses itreflected positively on my performance, so would like to extend my sincere thanks to the SDC and the First Step Program ”
On the occasion of graduating Mashael Fahd Al Kuwari , a graduate from the Tajmeel Academy said, “I am very happy that today I got my CIDESCO international certificate in the field of cosmetics and I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all my teachers and my colleagues in the Academy and Social Development Center on this wonderful opportunity that will allow me to start my career by opening my own business.”

Founded in 2005, First Step is a training program that focuses on the professional development of individuals within the age bracket of 18 to 30. The training helps individuals hone their existing skill set, as well as acquire practical administrative, problems solving, and strong communication skills, ensuring that they enter the workforce as confident professionals. This year 99 students graduated from the first step program.

The BADR program offers a suite of services with the aim of supporting both families and individuals fulfill their projects, ensuring that they become self-reliant through a variety of programs, including financial support systems, training and rehabilitation courses, marketing support, management consultancy, and incubation services, as well as motivational incentives such as nomination for the Reyada Awards for Qatari Entrepreneurs. This year BADR graduated 10 students from the program.
Tajmeel is Qatar’s first educational establishment dedicated to providing high quality training and international qualifications in the hair and beauty industry.