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Tawfiqi: Awards ceremony for journalism competition on February 18th

February 4, 2014 12:15 pm

Public Relations and Media Executive Manager at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Saeed Tawfiqi announced that the awards ceremony for the journalism competition will be held on February 18th, where the top three in each field of the competition will receive their awards.

He noted that many journalists took part in the competition this year, which reflects its success; especially that it is the first competition of its kind in Kuwait to be sponsored by a financial institution.

Tawfiqi explained that the top three in each category will receive KD1000, KD600, and KD400 respectively, and mentioned that the competition allowed any economy journalist working at a daily or weekly magazine to compete, as long as the article was published in local newspapers in 2013. It is worth noting that the total number of winners in the competition is 12.

He added that this competition that has been organized by KFH for the past five years is considered to be a token of appreciation to economic journalism in Kuwait, regardless of the names of the winners.

He stressed that KFH is keen to set up a balanced relationship with all parties, and seeks to grant awards to those who deserve them through professional objective supervision by the Kuwait Journalism Association.

He applauded the role shouldered by the association, and asserted that it is pivotal for the success of the competition.

Moreover, Tawfiqi said that the great interaction received by the journalists, encourages KFH to play a prominent role in the national economy.

He stated that over the past five years, over 60 competitors from various newspapers competed in the event. He went on to say that this prestigious event attracts hundreds of competitors from various economy newspapers, which enriches the field of journalism in Kuwait.


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